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Training-What You Learn (Updated 2017)

ARCA's Pilot Training Program Syllabus (Sample)

What you learn

Straight and level with flying the pattern



Straight and Level – This gets you comfortable with how the stick feels and its sensitivity.
You fly left to right and right to left.

Pattern – This is learning how to do turns flying the pattern left and right hand



Crosswind correction


Taxiing and takeoff in the wind

Crosswinds, Crosswinds, Crosswinds - One of the single most important things you will learn, is how to fly in any kind of breeze.

You will also learn how to taxi and takeoff in crosswinds. NOT knowing how to do this is one of the biggest plane "killers" before you even leave the ground!

Knowing how to deal with crosswinds will save your model countless times!!! AND you will be confident when flying!



Figure 8s and crosswinds


Figure 8s and crosswinds

Figure 8’s - You learn how to control the plane as it fly’s away from you and as it fly’s towards you.  Again, you fly the left and right hand pattern.



Takeoff in a crosswind


Crosswind landing approach

Take off & Landings – You will do high speed taxi runs up and down the runway until you can steer it straight.  Then you will be talked through a takeoff.

In addition to takeoffs you will do simulated landing approaches over the runway.  Once you can fly down the runway, you will be talked down for a landing.

Emergency Situations – Instructors create scenarios that are realistic to stressful situations. Each time something happens it will be explained. Emergencies will be practiced it until you are comfortable. Even with electric planes!

These are just some of the things you will learn going through training but its fun and challenging! Once you get signed off, the sense of accomplishment is huge! I want to contact someone about training!

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