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2020 Dues and Membership Info

ARCA Membership Descriptions and Fees


A $25.00 late charge will automatically be added to any renewal starting on 2/1/2020 or later. Late fees apply to all paid membership types.

$156.00 REGULAR MEMBERSHIP (Prorated for first time members)

An ARCA member between the age of 19-64 and has a membership with the AMA.

$156.00 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (Prorated for first time members)

A family membership is two or more ARCA members that each have their own AMA membership, and live full time in the same household. One member must be over 18.

Example: 1 Adult + an under 18 member OR a husband and wife, OR a parent/guardian and their son or daughter. All family members must live full time at the same address.

Each family member must have a SEPERATE ARCA WEBSITE account.

PLEASE NOTE - each family member MUST RENEW their own account. The primary member is the only member that should pay the dues.


An ARCA member over the age of 65 that has a membership with the AMA. This membership is not prorated.


An ARCA member, over 18 that lives at least 100 miles from Lester field and has a membership with the AMAThis is a non-voting ARCA membership. This membership is not prorated.

Under 18-NO FEE

An ARCA member that is 18 years old or younger and has a current AMA youth membership. This membership aligns with the AMA Youth Membership. AFTER a Youth member's 18th birthday, they they have the option to join ARCA as a Regular member.


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